Thursday – Week 46


The Sun:

“5-star hols”
“Its a beach, not Russia for you”
It seems like Gareth Southgate has decided to stick with his “Kids” for the world cup, Dave Kidd writes:
“Chris Smalling, Jack Wilshere, Daniel Sturridge, Danny Welbeck and Theo Walcott – can expect to spend next summer on the beach rather than Russia”




Daily Mirror:

“I Phil like a fool”
“United boss: It was NAIVE to let defender play for England while rivals kept their stars at home”
Jose Mourinho says that he will be without Jones for Saturdays match against Newcastle after he limped out of the Germany match last Friday

And up top we have this:
“Eric’s my Rock Tsar”
“Southgate to build his team around Dier”
Gareth Southgate has drawn up his World Cup blueprint, with Eric Dier being the key to his plans.The England manager is committed to using a 3-5-2 system, and the Tottenham star has got a surprising role in the line-up because Southgate wants him to play in the middle of a back three.

The Times:

Then something that every newspaper is writing about, but we chose The Times because they wrote most about this.
“Klopp taken to hospital”
“Jurgen Klopp suffered a health scare yesterday when he was admitted to hospital after feeling unwell.”

He was later allowed to return home and any serious problems are ruled out




Corriere Dello Sport:

“Carlo, Call Carlo”
“(Carlo) Tavecchio fires Ventura to get the trust from the palace and announces the arrival of a big CT dream and Ancelotti”






“There is too much Carlo”
“But no Ancelotti”
“Everything as expected:
Ventura liquidated with 200 thousand euros, while Tavecchio did not convince the Federal Council on Monday by dropping Ancelotti’s name for the role of CT.
Tomassi: ‘We need an Election immediately’
Ulivieri attacks Malago. Meanwhile, the Argentinean Sebastian Driussi strikes the all-Italian eye of the future”



La Gazzetta Dello Sport:

“Ancelotti is not enough”

“Tavecchio doesn’t resign -‘We’re working to take a great Coach. The programme on Monday’.
“They bet on the ex-Rossoneri Coach, but he won’t be able to tie together a weak Federation.”
“Ventura doesn’t leave, but he’s thrown out to collect the last €800,000.”






“The desperate derby”
“A Wanda Metropolitano awaits for the two teams that much to play for in La Liga. there was not a single ticket left a week ago”






“Coutinho or Griezmann”
“Barça will only sign one of the two superstars”
“They will make one last attempt with Liverpool. If there is no agreement, the club has alternatives for January”
“Barça are willing to pay the clause in June and is well positioned against the offensive of City and United”




Mundo Deportivo:

“Messi For life”
“Although it was renewed until 2021, Barça is already working on a lifelong contract”
“Leo’s father will stay in Barcelona until they give him the Golden Boot, on November 24”

and at the bottom we have some bad news for the Barcelona fans out there:
“Javier Mascherano will be out for one month due to an injury playing with Argentina”






“Ceballos reclaims a place for the derby”
“80% of fans want him to start at Wanda, right now he is 20th on the list of players with minutes the most amount of minutes”
“His great game against Slovakia U-21 compromises Kroos and Modric”






There is not much from France today, we only got this from RMC thas kinda interesting
“PSG-Nantes: Thomasson explains why he will not trade his shirt”
FC Nantes have an appointment at Parc des Princes on Saturday, to challenge PSG at the 13th fixture of Ligue 1.
The midfielder assures that they will not come as tourists, and he does not intend to exchange his shirt with an opponent under any circumstances. Not even if it’s Neymar, Mbappé or Thiago Silva. Thomasson says:
“We go there first and foremost for a football match”
“No, it’s not relevant, I will not swap my shirt with anyone, I guarantee it,”
“I know there will be some decent players facing me, some great players, but my goal, is to make a good match and the shirts are expensive, so we will not trade them! (laughs)”



“How Qatar bought the World Cup”
“FIFA bigwigs bribed with millions”
“…They shook him and asked: Did you not vote for Qatar?”

Let’s dive a bit deeper into this story:
This story begins in 2010 when the World Cup hosts where decided, it all seemed suspicious and an investigation was begun.
The Argentinian Alejandro Burzaco was arrested on June 9, 2015, and pleaded guilty on November 16, 2015, to racketeering conspiracy, wire fraud conspiracy, and money laundering. Burzaco was a sports marketing executive well connected with FIFA.
And Now he swears his oath on the case: He claims that three executives have received at least €825,000 of bribes from Qatar in exchange for their votes.

Julio Grondo­na: former Fifa Vice President and President of the Argentine Federation, died 2014

Ricardo Teixeira: former President of the Brazilian Football Confederation.

Nicolas Leoz: Former president of South American Football Confederation.

In the 2nd round of the World cup voting Japan 2 votes, Qatar got 10 votes, the USA and South Korea got 5 votes each.
Burzaco says:
“Grondona told me that Leoz first voted for Japan and then for South Korea. During a break, Grondona and Teixeria pulled Leoz aside to shake him up, asking, ‘What the hell are you doing? Are you the one who didn´t vote for Qatar?’ At the next vote, Leoz supported Qatar.”
Burzaco testified that Grondona had subsequently demanded $80 million from Qatar to earn his vote.

The FIFA Corruption story is insanely big and its impossible for me to cover everything, but I’m going to link my sources here:

Wikipedia, Fifa Corruption case
Bild, How Qatar bought the World Cup
BBC, FIFA Dirty Secret
Department of justice
The Guardian, Fifa corruption


“The pressure is growing”
“The Dortmund coach is expecting a turnaround. He is optimistic. But some doubts remain”