The World Cup Groups Will Be Drawn Today & High Expectations on Napoli – Juventus



The Daily Telegraph:

“Russian roulette”
“Why Southgate’s men could face Brazil and Iceland”
The 32 qualified teams will be split into four pots based on their current Fifa world rankings. Pot 1 will contain Russia and the highest-ranked seven teams. Pot 2 will feature the next best eight teams, and so on for Pots 3 and 4. And as you can see Brazil is in pot 1, England in pot 2 and Iceland in pot 3 which means that they all can be placed in the same group together with a team from pot 4 of course.




Daily Mirror:

“Big Sam faces Goodison backlash”
“Give peace a chance”
“Allardyce appeals to hostile Everton fans: ‘We’re in it together’.”
Sam Allardyce, the new Everton coach is looking for some peace from the fans that don’t want him saying:
“We are all in it together and let’s all pull in the same direction, whatever happened before, we’ve just got to all rally around. Our will to do it all together would be my way forward. Let’s try to get a healthy spirit at the club.”

And up top we have:
“World of Kane”
“Southgate Harry up to be Cup king”

The Guardian:

“Same old faces?”
“Why British managers have never had it so good”

I’m going to link the whole article here, but this is kinda interesting. You have probably noticed this as well, Everyone is always complaining about that there is no young new English manager and that everyone is just hiring the same people. Well, its true, David Moyes, Sam Allardyce, Alan Pardew, Roy Hodgson and Tony Pulis are all just circling around in Premier League with different clubs each year. Clubs are always complaining that there is no other, yet they are all still hiring the same managers with a few exceptions. I mean just take Everton and West Ham who recently hired new managers, why did they choose these men and not someone like Graham Potter?
Graham Potter, the manager of the Swedish team Östersunds FK. He started his mission with the team when they were in the 4th tier of the Swedish league system and now they have recently made it through the group stage of Europa League beating teams like Hertha Berlin, PAOK and Galatasaray. Why not look at a guy like this? instead of the usual boring managers who all play very primitive and boring football.


La Gazzetta Dello Sport:

“Sarrismo vs Maxismo”

“Insigne set for his 60th consecutive appearance, in search of his best form”
“Higuain’s tests this morning shows that there is optimism. Mandzukic out”






Corriere Dello Sport:

“World class duel”
“It’s the night of the big match.
Allegri loses Mandzukic, Higuain wants to be on the pitch and Mertens challenges him.
Sarri focuses on the genius Insigne.
San Paolo record, 200 countries tuning in.”
Pjanic says:
“Juve are the most likely to win”
“I had a fantastic time in Roma. We’ve had a squad capable of winning the Scudetto and Champions League”
‘Zidane is my idol, together with Pirlo”


“Allegri, you need some good luck”
“After Lichtsteiner, now Mandzukic and Howedes are injured too: Max forced to call up Higuain, who could start.”








“They are no small rivals”
“Lopetegui: “We will play in the strongest group” – Argentina, Germany and Brazil the toughest rivals”







“A draw with crocodiles”
“Spain will find out their World Cup rivals today – will face the danger of a Pot 1 team”
“Lopetegui: Our group will be the hardest”






Mundo Deportivo:

“Coutinho, 145millons”
“Liverpool sets the price for the Brazilian Superstar for Barça in the winter market”
and down at the bottom we have:
“Germany and Brazil, the biggest threats for Spain”






“Operation Coutinho is close”
“A 130-150 Million transfer.
Bartomeu takes the reins of the negotiation and will make a convincing offer to sign him”
“Offered 14 million.
The Brazilian’s salary means that three players will have to leave because the total wages have to remain the same”






“Especially not them”
“The World Cup begins this afternoon in Moscow with the composition of the eight groups. Even if the Blues are in pot 1, their destiny can reserve them a very hard group with Uruguay, Sweden and Nigeria for example”

And down to the left, they have:
“The easiest” group possible with France, Peru, Iran and Panama.




Le Parisien:

“World Cup 2018”
“Everything starts today”
“This afternoon in the Moscow Kremlin, the World Cup 2018 draws will be held. The Blues will start competition as one the favourites”







Fussball Bild:

“Does the Dutch guru make BVB limp?”
“Again and again, Dortmund collapses in the 2nd half. Is it because coach Peter Posz is scavenging the Dutch guru Raymond Verheijen?”







“Schürrle and Isak are the Aubameyang alternatives”
The Gabon star is suspended and Mario Götze is injured before Saturday’s match against Bayer Leverkusen. Isak is back in full training since the beginning of this week following his knee injury. According to information from German media, coach Peter Bosz is expected to be fired if there is a new backlash for Dortmund.