Bale for Sale – Bernabeu Board set Price of £85 Million

Bale for Sale

The Welshman looks like me might finally be on the move out of the Bernabeu, with AS and ESPN both reporting a £85 million price tag for the galactico. Rumors coming from Madrid warn that the board feels threatened by the prospect of Bale dropping in value due to lack of playing time.  

Persistently Sidelined

Bale has only made 4 league appearances this season, totaling less than 398 minutes played. That’s on the heels of last season, where he made 17 appearances in all league matches, scoring only 7 goals. This stands in great contrast to seasons like 2015-16 season, where he scored 19 goals, 10 assists, in 21 appearances. Or the 2013-14 season, where he scored 15 goals, 12 assists, in 24 appearances.

And the cause of such a drop in output: a persistent calf and thigh injury. TransferMarkt reports 4 separate injuries in the 2017 year, 3 of which were calf injuries, and his most recent, a tear in the abductor muscle, which he suffered on Nov.10th. It was likely this injury that spurred the board to put a price tag on Bale and look for buyers.


Weakened Madrid Side

Bale is not the only one that has fallen into a rut. Cristiano Ronaldo is having one of his worse seasons. CR7 has only been able to knock 1 past the posts in all 630 minutes of league play this season. This would have set the scene for Bale to make a triumphant return to the lineup when Real needed him the most. A weakened Madrid side would have been a perfect opportunity for the Welshman to reinstall himself into the starting eleven, but another injury sees him sidelined once again.


A Return Home

Fears of a drop in value and more injuries have not staved off interest for Bale from a few Premier League sides. United was quick to throw its hat into the ring as potential buyers, but with recent board pressure on Jose and his transfer dealings, this could be a hard swing for the Red Devils. Chelsea has also shown interest, but rumors of Conte moving soon might put Chelsea in a state of flux when the Welshman goes up for sale.

But the old home of the Welshman has also shown major interest in a move that would bring Bale back to Tottenham. With Spurs being tied on points for second in the table and a new stadium in the works, a return home for Bale wouldn’t be a bad move.